Zainab Sanaa

Information Technology (IT) is evolving and developing every day. New technologies in computers and mobile devices are shaping the way the world works. IT is the area of managing technology and spans wide varieties of areas and is not restricted to things such as processors, computer software and hardware, programming languages etc. Information technology is starting to spread further into almost every other industry like hospitals, hotels, mobile phones etc. Many areas of public health, including vital statistics, investigation and research, surveillance, epidemiology, surveys, laboratories technology, maternal and child health, and environmental health, use IT to achieve their goals and objectives. IT includes the use of computers and communications, and the transformation of data into information and knowledge.

As a fresher it was sometimes overwhelming for me to understand the different areas in Information Technology. The knowledge and skills required in information technology come from the applied engineering sciences, especially information, computer, and systems engineering sciences, and from professional practice. Having a background in engineering made it a little easier for me to understand all these. The rest was taken care by the technical training staff of Beyond Management.

Another important thing was to understand its applications in the various industries apart from just computing. As a new comer I found difficult to choose the right course which best suited my profile. Beyond Management was very helpful during the entire process. Right from making me understand the basics to making me choose the right field as a career option. The highly skilled and very helpful trainers of Beyond Management guided me through the entire process and were a major help.

The kind of exposure that I got at Beyond Management is something that I would recommend to everyone. It was a great learning experience where apart from the technical knowledge there was a great display of cultural exchange. The learning center of Beyond Management provided the right technical expertise that a trainee needs. The one month spent there was a great learning experience and added a great deal to my technical skills. It trained me for the corporate world, which would be very helpful for my promising future.

Zainab Sanaa.
Programmer Analyst.

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