Syed Sayem

My name is Syed Sayem and I have been working with Beyond Management since 2009. 
Currently, I am a Senior Programmer Analyst at the UK branch of Beyond Management. For those who have interest in joining Beyond UK, I would like to introduce my duties and my role within the company. My various duties include maintaining and troubleshooting middleware web and app servers. As part of my duties, I setup the Weblogic domain with cluster environment for multiple applications, and apache webserver for forwarding proxy request and host static content for our websites. Moreover, apache adds one more layer between the internet and Weblogic app server. I write script for deploying the application to cluster and monitor logs for any error message. 
Our team takes care of external websites and stand alone applications. We use Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for application authentication and authorization. The application utilizes single sign on solution (SSO). We have four environments, namely, Production, DR, QA and Dev. We use global load balancer for load balancing and high availability. If there are any production issues that take more time to resolve, then we fail over the application from production to DR. This approach ensures that our website has minimal outage. 

As you can see I have a quite diverse work responsibilities. I really enjoy working for Beyond Management. We have a friendly and multicultural environment. We have a great training program that is driven by our senior engineers, which helps new comers to learn quickly and familiarize with the environments that we use for our production and non-production. Beyond Management also organizes spectacular cultural shows. If you are looking for an IT job then I would recommend you to join Beyond Management. You will be amazed at what we have to offer you in our Company.

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