Cultural Exchange Internship & Programs

We believe that development of skills, gaining practical tools, knowledge and experience in foreign countries is a major asset to a successful career. We are specialized in assisting highly educated, qualified, multilingual students and young professionals from around the globe who wish to participate in Cultural Exchange/ Practical Internship and/or full time employment to develop their skills, acquire knowledge and experience in UK. Beyond Exchange will arrange the job positions and all paper work required to obtain visa for international participants. Fields of training with Beyond Exchange include but not limited to:

  • Tourism & Hotel Management
  • Business Management
  • Commerce and Finance
  • Media and Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering

BE currently offers the following programs:

Cultural Exchange Program

Cultural Exchange Program is designed for students and young professionals to gain knowledge and experience in a British company, improve English proficiency in a working environment, to learn different cultures, traditions, attitude, philosophy, and make new friends. Beyond Exchange designed this program for foreign students and young professional who wish to participate in international cultural exchange program for the sharing of their culture, attitude, customs, history heritage, philosophy, and tradition of their country of nationality. This program allow foreign students and young professionals to live / work in UK for up to 24 months after that they must go back to their home country. Please note: This program requires that participants share their country’s values and traditions with British Public; work is not independent of cultural exchange and acts as a vehicle to exchange culture. Primary focus remains the sharing of history and traditions of participant’s home country.

Specialized Internship Program

Beyond Exchange Specialized Internship Program (up to 24 months) is designed for University Graduates and young professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree and minimum 3 years of work experience to gain practical training in their field of study or career they have chosen. This Program enables graduates and professionals to receive practical, hands-on experience in British corporations. This is a complex program, based on a structured working plan, which trains interns in their field of study or career. This specialized program is unique as it is only meant for aspirants who do not have such knowledge and skills .Therefore BE’s specialized internship program is designed for these aspirants to become skilled and accomplished professionals and ultimately have a bright career in their field of study or career. Moreover, BE believes that foreign and British workers can learn a lot from each other – through their individual backgrounds, the similarities and differences in client behaviors and issues, and the various treatment strategies implemented in the field.

Specialized Employment Program

Beyond Exchange Specialized Employment Program is designed to hire educated professionals with minimum 3 years of work experience and that are highly skilled for a specified period of time. This program is the primary method for bringing in professional level employees to Beyond Management Group UK. This program allows professionals in specialty occupations to work in UK for up to a total of 24 Months. Please contact Beyond Exchange for more details at

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