Global Partnerships

Beyond Exchange is the leader in providing quality practical training, employment and cultural exchange programs with participants around the globe. For more than 10 years, Beyond Exchange has been providing participants with dynamic opportunities to engage with the world.

Our partners / global agents are critical to our success. It is our shared commitment to participant’s satisfaction that continues to ensure students / young professionals attain rewarding experiences, great memories and valuable personal development.

Whether you are an existing or new partner, these pages are designed to help you learn about Beyond Exchange’s unique offerings, and provide you with tools and information to support your business needs.

Why Beyond Management Group?

What distinguishes Beyond Exchange from the competition, and makes us your best business partner:

Providing quality, rewarding experiences for participants is our passion. From ensuring we develop dynamic, innovative programs to smoothly run operations and support.

One stop from sponsorship and employment host. In most cases Beyond Exchange in collaboration with Beyond Management offer visa sponsorship and employment opportunity with the same company under the umbrella of BEYOND MANAGEMENT GROUP. This way agents do not have to worry about dealing with two companies to secure visa sponsorship and employment.

Our focus on participants is supported by a focus on good relationships with our partners. Our staff works together with our partner’s staff as a unified team. Strong communication – and the processes and tools that support it — insure our goals are aligned, problems are solved effectively, and new ideas can be considered and undertaken.

Our team provides assistance, consultation and tools to help you successfully sell and market Beyond Exchange programs. We do our best to make your job easier.

As a Beyond Exchange Agent / Partner, you will have access to the tools you need dynamic program offerings, dedicated partner support, and a legacy of excellence to help you sell and support the breadth of practical training and cultural exchange opportunities that applicants are looking for.

And not to mention our State of the Art online participant tracking system. You will be able to view, monitor and administer your participant’s entire experience with BE from filling the application to the time s/he graduates from the program and beyond.

Becoming A Partner

Beyond Exchange thrives to choose the best to be our partners in Global Cultural Exchange/Training and Employment Programs. To be our partner, you first need to fill this online partner form and attach required documentation. We will then contact you to discuss the opportunity in detail and request further company documentation.

Once approved you will be able to login with your user id and password and begin sending us the prospective applicants.

Remember! When you join Beyond Exchange as a partner, you join a partner network of professional student exchange organizations motivated to grow their business through providing unsurpassed student satisfaction.

Basic Requirements:

To be a Beyond Exchange partner you will need to be able to support participants/students through the duration of their practical training experience. This begins with being able to answer questions about programs, proper screening and selecting of applicants, managing expectations, applicant support and problem resolution. As it is in our organization, student/participant satisfaction must be core to your mission.

Your organization needs to be capable of adhering to policies and procedures that insure a smooth running operation. Being able to prepare and submit required documentation, manage fees and payments, and provide pre-arrival orientation sessions, are examples of some of the operational issues you should be comfortable dealing with.

Training is an important investment you will need to make when you become a BE partner. Training insures your staff has the necessary program knowledge and skill set in order to properly sell and support programs. Training is provided via the web, at our offices or at your facilities.

We work with you to set goals to help you grow your business and achieve superior performance. These goals are put in an annual business plan with specific student/participant support, operational and revenue goals. Your assigned Partner Services Manager will work hand-in-hand with you to help you manage your progress on this plan.