Employment Training & Cultural Exchange Program

Beyond Exchange (BE) is a Cultural & Training wing of Beyond Management Group, UK , a branch of Beyond Management, Inc., USA. BE provides opportunities for students and young professionals from across the globe to participate in various employment and cultural exchange programs in the United Kingdom. Our cultural exchange program is designed for talented and ambitious students to gain practical training in a hospitality property such as a hotel, restaurant or resort with a purpose of sharing their cultures with the British Public in UK. Our cultural participants are working in various hospitality properties across UK, are using this training or employment provided to them as a platform to introduce and share their history, language, customs, traditions, art and overall culture with the British through various cultural events, exhibitions & seminars, language camps, so on and so forth. Their employment and training acts like a vehicle to achieve their purpose of cultural exchange in the United Kingdom. Through participation in BE’s structured working program; qualified students, recent graduates and young professionals are able to gain a better understanding of British management expertise and business practices. International participants will return to their home country with experience that will allow them to succeed in supervisory and managerial positions. Management level participants will also get an opportunity to brighten their careers in the UK as well.

Beyond Exchange was formed for the sole purpose of promoting and maintaining tolerance and sensitivity towards cultural and ethnic diversity. It’s mission is to combat discriminatory practices, racial profiling and stereotyping in the hotel industry caused by lack of cultural education. BE seeks to educate and expose the British public to various cultures.

Our mission, as leaders in global personnel training and development, is to be recognized by international colleges, universities and businesses for our exceptional service in identifying, training and developing highly qualified individuals. Our goal is to provide our participants with an exceptional exchange working program at some of the most recognized hospitality businesses.

For more information on Beyond Exchange, USA, please visit us www.beyondexchange.org.